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By Jen Minda, Owner/Operator

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We take great care to make sure your child’s individual needs are met in every area of his or her personal development, and our exceptionally trained staff is aware that each child is different and special in their own way…

It’s for this reason that we continually provide a loving and caring atmosphere where your child always feels safe and at home. Plus we pay special attention to all areas of development including your child’s social, emotional, and academic needs and goals.

We are your child’s personal coach, and we understand he or she learns best when they’re confident and encouraged in a positive manner. When your child feels good about his or her abilities he or she is much more willing to try new things and be more successful with their learning.

A Child Care And Learning Center Where Your Little
One’s Needs Are Developed And Encouraged In Every Area

Our goal is to work together with you to provide a perfect environment by understating your child’s family systems and customs. We understand you are your child’s first teacher, and we respect that you know their needs the best. That’s why we encourage you to share your knowledge and experience to assist us with your child’s personal development right from day one.

So when we as teachers and care givers work with you the parent your child is the one who truly benefits, and that’s why you’ll see us working to develop close relationships with you. We’ll have an open line of communication so that you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and at any given time.

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Classrooms Are Designed So Your Child Feels
Comfortable And Confident In Their Surroundings

Each classroom is designed specifically for a child, with “child friendly” furniture and fixtures including our sinks and toilets. Classrooms are uniquely designed to help your child feel extremely comfortable with his or her surroundings, and special areas are set up to promote learning through having fun and safe play. Every preschool program classroom has a block area, a house area, a table toys area, art area and writing area. Plus a specific area is set up to help promote your child’s learning in an easy, fun and happy way.

For instance, our toddler room has different areas to help promote learning in a very positive manner; and our newly designed Mobile Infants/ Young Toddlers room is set-up very similar to our preschool program classroom, but it displays developmentally appropriate materials designed just for toddlers…

And your infants have a beautiful room designed to meet all of their growing needs plus our teachers have developmentally appropriate toys and materials available to help with your little ones personal development and daily routine.

Because Your Child Learns BEST From Hands-On
Experience With Objects, Fun Events And Loving People

We offer your child the highly acclaimed “High Scope Curriculum” which was designed for children ages birth to 6 years of age. High Scope takes advantage of the proven knowledge that children learn best through direct, hands-on experiences with objects, events, ideas, and people. Teachers develop and use lesson plans based on your child’s unique interests and development; and adult-child interaction is an essential component of the High Scope Curriculum.

You can definitely expect to see your child’s teacher engaging in activities that promote his or her learning on a daily basis, and all teachers have ongoing training throughout the year that guarantees the best possible care for each and every child. Our teachers attend conferences designed around Early Childhood Development, which provides current and updated information that always proves very helpful in the classroom.

Diapers 2 Diplomas Children’s Learning Center
Offers You A “Flexible Schedule For Your Convenience"

A Trusted Learning Center And Day Care Center

As parents ourselves, we understand that unexpected things happen. That’s why we now offer you flexible scheduling to help account every change and incidental in your busy life. Our learning center and day care is open all year round; Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 6:30pm, and for your convenience we now offer special 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day rates.

We also offer “before” and “after school” child care in addition to child care for older children when schools are closed for vacation, and we have awesome and fun special programs designed around their current interests.

With Diapers 2 Diplomas Children’s Learning Center, your child has consistency in their daily routine and with our teachers. We understand that children do best, and they feel more comfortable, when knowing what is expected from them along with consistency from adults.

Your Child Is Always Encouraged To Make Good
Choices And Express Themselves In A Healthy Way

  • "Work Time" in the morning and afternoon (allowing children the freedom to choose where they want to play and explore)

  • Different areas to promote learning including: A Block Area, Writing Area, Art Area, House Area, Quiet Area, Texture Table and Table Toy Area

  • An Age Appropriate Educational-Based Curriculum Focusing On Your Child's Personal Needs

And Your Child Learns Easy Through
Play-Time, Fun, And A Loving Environment

  • A Fun And Safe Learning Environment With Flexible Scheduling PLUS We Clean And Sanitize Every Day, Throughout The Day
  • Special Areas Designed To Help Promote All Areas Of Development Including Academic, Social, And Emotional Needs
  • Large Classrooms With Child-sized Bathrooms In Every Room, And A Gross Motor Room (Gym) For "Bad-weather Days"

Infants - Toddlers - Preschool - School Age
PLUS FREE Morning Snacks And FREE Lunches

  • Using The ‘High Scope Learning Curriculum’ (0-6 Years)
  • Teachers Help With Homework And Give Your Child Personal Time
  • We Provide Nutritious Snacks, And Lunch Is Always FREE!

  • Open All year Round, PLUS Fun Summer Field Trips
  • We Promote Open-Communication With You The Parents
  • Every Day We Make Time To Develop A Relationship With Your Child
  • Preschool Programs And Daycare Also Available

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